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Celebrating Your Priest's Anniversary

We happen to think that a Priest's Ordination is something truly special. That's why we have such a large and diverse selection of Ordination Cards in our online store.

Each year, the priest will celebrate that date and what better way to share in their celebration than by sending extra special, Priest Ordination Anniversary Cards. And we have such a varied range to choose from, traditional to more contemporary designs, large and small. Some have ribbon detail and most have colour picture inserts to match the fronts of the cards to make them look truly special. And with same day dispatch you can be assured of a quality service.

bright priest ordination anniversary cards

Priest Anniversary Cards

If you are celebrating your priest's anniversary of ordination, then we are sure you will find the perfect card in our UK Christian Cards online store. From bright and colourful, modern designs to peaceful images of nature, you will find a large selection to suit all tastes and ages. Many of our Priest Ordination Anniversary Cards are A5 size, so are often used for multi-signing. Almost all of our religious life cards have colour picture inserts which give a lovely, quality feel to them and many have ribbon detail too.

priest ordination cards celtic cross design

From Traditional To Contemporary Cards

We like to think we cater for all tastes and ages when it comes to our cards. If you are looking for a bright, modern design to celebrate your priest's anniversary of ordination, then you will find a good selection, with many of them incorporating a Scripture quote into the design.

Maybe you would prefer something more traditional, and if so, we have cards like these featured here. Albrecht Durer's 'Hands of an Apostle' is always a popular image and highly appropriate for a priest card. Images of nature are always well received too, like this serene coastal scene, indicative of peace and quiet reflection.

ordination to the priesthood anniversary cards

Jubilee Cards For Priests & Nuns

Jubilee Cards are sent to both priests and nuns celebrating their special anniversaries of religious life. 'Jubilee' is used more for Catholic cards and just 'Anniversary' is more popular for Church of England Cards, like this modern 25th Anniversary of Ordination Card. Calligraphic Scripture quotes are always such relevant designs to send.

Celtic crosses are always such popular images and we have quite a varied selection on offer. This Ruby Jubilee card has a Celtic cross enhanced with watercolour poppies in the design, a lovely, quality card to send in remembrance of a special anniversary. Cool blues have a reflective, peaceful feel like this Diamond Jubilee card, a lovely card to mark such a special landmark anniversary of religious life.

jubilee cards for priests and nuns

Celebrate in Joyous Colour With Priest Ordination Anniversary Cards

It has been a quiet time within the Church regarding clergy celebrations. Even if friends, relatives and fellow church members have celebrated a birthday or anniversary, then our lock down status and lack of close contact has meant that many have had to celebrate alone or with minimal interaction. But now that things are looking brighter, it is time to start making plans to begin our lives almost anew. The Christian marketplace has suffered tremendously on the high street and many of our customers will not be opening again, which is such sad news when most of them have only stayed open through difficult times just to provide a service.

So after all the doom and gloom it is time for some colour and celebration! As a creative, coming from a background in ad agencies and design studios, then it was time to start designing again and adding some bursts of colour into our cards to celebrate our departure from the darkest times. Let's start to celebrate being alive and looking forward with hope to better, healthier and happier times for us all. By next year, hopefully all Ordination schedules will be back on track, and all religious anniversaries and celebrations can be shared by many. We will soon be getting together in Church gatherings to worship again and join in with our priest's anniversary of ordination and jubilee.

So we called our new range 'Joy of Life' and this expresses the joy of life in colour! Bright colours can make you feel so uplifted and they are so befitting of a special celebration. Although many of these new cards have a modern, contemporary feel to them, which might not be to everybody's tastes, we have also added some more traditional styles but with a bit more brightness than usual. Hopefully that means we have all bases covered and there will be anniversary of ordination cards to suit everyone, no matter their age or tastes!

If it's an extra special anniversary in the form of a Jubilee, then we have so many special designs for this wonderful landmark in their Church service. From Silver Jubilee cards for nuns to Diamond Jubilee cards for priests, we have lots of styles to choose from. Many of our Golden Jubilee Cards are finished with gold/organza ribbon detail and our Ruby Jubilee cards have red and gold ribbon detail on some to make them look truly special. Others have discreet, small diamante detail on too with colour picture inserts to match the fronts of the cards. All this and same day dispatch means you can be assured of a quality product brimming with bright celebration and delivered in time for the intended recipient's very special day!

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