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THE DESIGN ACT is a coalition brought together by Anti Copying in Design (ACID). In 2014, after a strong campaign, ACID was successful in spear-heading a change in the law. It is now a crime to intentionally infringe a registered design, with a push toward a further campaign to ensure that the intentional infringement of an unregistered design is also a crime.

For All Your Christian Cards Occasions

christian cards for all occasions

We have one of the largest selections of Christian Cards online and specialise in cards for the clergy. Working in the Christian Marketplace for almost 30 years means that we have a vast amount of knowledge that we can utilise to bring the best products to our customers. We aim to have a mix of both contemporary and traditional designs to try and keep everybody happy although we know not everyone will love our cards. We ship worldwide with same day dispatch, although the current ongoing situation has meant longer delays in the postal system for US delivery and beyond, although the UK seems to be back on track thankfully!

During lockdown last year, we added some general cards which we hope some our customers will find of benefit - it will save them shopping on another online store and having to pay 2 lots of postage. We don't have vast quantities of different styles in that section but maybe you might find something you like.

From Bright Christian Birthday Cards To Heartfelt Christian Sympathy Thoughts

Christian birthday cards pink roses

Our Christian Birthday Cards cover all ages and tastes and we have a nice selection of birthday milestone cards from 18th to 100th celebrations. Some of these are finished with tasteful diamante embellishments and ribbon detail to make them look really celebratory and special. Our 'I Said A Prayer' Christian Birthday Cards are some of our best selling ones, the lovely sentiment of the verse adding to the brightness of the designs. It is such a lovely verse to send to let someone know how much they are in your thoughts.

You will find many beautiful designs in our Christian Sympathy Cards category and lots of these feature some of the most popular verses, like the 'Footprints Prayer', Henry Scott Holland's 'Death is Nothing', 'You Can Shed Tears' and 'Don't Think of Them As Gone Away' - all of these are such heartfelt verses and can be really supportive when someone is dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one. We have some different cards in this section too, like cards for those dealing with a miscarriage or the heartbreaking loss of a baby and we have pet sympathy cards in our Christian Cards Store and in the general cards section also.

    Symbolic & Celebratory Cards For All Clergy Occasions & Celebrations

    new deacon cards feast day cards

    Our first website was published about 10 years ago and was dedicated to cards for the clergy and nothing else. We soon became known as the Christian Cards Store for all those wonderful clergy occasions, whether for a New Canon Appointment Card or a Diamond Jubilee Card for a Catholic Nun. We had the most comprehensive selection on the market and we loved being able to provide a service that had been lacking for so long. We started to add some larger cards, as some churches were interested in multi-signing a card and the smaller cards just didn't have the room for all those good wishes! We soon grew our selection and our Ordination Cards became much loved and we sell them all over the world. Many of these have ribbon embellishments with colour picture inserts and they are so befitting of such an important celebration in a priest's life.

    So, if your parish priest is celebrating their birthday then you will find a lovely selection here. If they have been given a new appointment elsewhere, then we have Priest Leaving Cards and New Parish Cards or maybe they have reached the age where it is time for them to take some time out. In which case we have some very special Priest Retirement Cards, including larger ones for multi-signing. It is always sad when a much loved priest leaves a parish, whatever the reason might be.

      Anniversary of Ordination Cards

      anniversary ordination cards symbolic

      Your priest will celebrate his Ordination day each year. Most of the time, parishioners like to get involved and make the day truly special for their much loved priest, and often there is a special mass too. If you are after an Ordination Anniversary Card then you will love our new selection of bright cards! Most of these are quite modern but we still have more traditional ones too in our Christian Cards online store. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone and you will find your perfect cards here.

      In the Catholic Church, they like to use the term 'Jubilee' for the milestone anniversaries, for both priests and nuns. So if a priest is celebrating a 50th anniversary of Ordination to the priesthood, then we have symbolic Golden Jubilee Cards or if a nun is celebrating 50 years, then we have Jubilee Cards for Religious Profession too. We have many landmark anniversary cards for priests without the word 'Jubilee' on too, which are more popular within the Church of England, like the eye-catching 25th Anniversary of Ordination card shown above. Whatever wording you are after, then we hope you find the card that is just right for the occasion it is intended for. Bright, symbolic cards are perfect to celebrate your Christian faith!

      Religious Easter Cards

      Our Easter Cards are bright and symbolic, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and the true meaning of Easter. You will find spring flowers in joyous colours and images of the resurrected Lord in golden yellows of happy celebration.

      We have a lovely range of Easter Cards for Priests too, special cards to send to your parish priest at such an important in the Church year.

      religious easter cards for priests

      Our New Range For 2021

      These cards will soon add some brightness to your day! We are going for full technicolour for some of our Christian Birthday cards and have also carried these over to our Easter Cards and Anniversary of Ordination Cards too. Bright colours have such a celebratory feel and these will certainly bring some cheer to friends and loved ones.

      modern Christian birthday cards