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Let's hope we can all celebrate Christmas together this year as families and communities. We hope the bright light of hope for a better new year will fill our homes and churches with peace, as we move on to healthier, happier times ahead. We have some lovely new Christmas cards for priests too, so shop today in our secure online store.

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You will find all your religious Christmas cards  here, including Christmas cards for priests.  We have good selections of religious Christmas Cards for Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad, Brother & Sister and Special Friends!
We are steadily getting back to some normality, so what better way to celebrate with your well loved priest, than by sending a heartfelt Christmas card, that reflects another challenging year. We have different wording in some of our cards this year:
'Remembering your dedicated service throughout a difficult year and sending special prayers for the bright light of hope to fill our church with peace.'
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I Lit A Candle For You At Christmas Cards

These are an alternative to sending a general religious Christmas Card - an 'I Lit A Candle For You' card and a Christmas card all rolled into one! Candles are featured so much at Christmas that their bright light adds a special message, showing your loved ones that you took some time out to light a candle for them and send them a special prayer.

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Christmas Cards With Religious Images

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The custom of sending cards at Christmas began in the UK in 1843 by a civil servant called Henry Cole. Commissioning a sketch from his artist friend, John Horsley, this first Victorian Christmas Card was sold for a shilling, which in those days was quite expensive.

As postal and printing methods advanced, Christmas cards became extremely popular and when the price of postage was reduced from a penny to half a penny, the cards were produced in greater quantity as more people were able to afford to buy and post them. 

The Nativity In Art

Originally, the first printed Christmas cards depicted scenes of the Nativity. First narrated in the New Testament gospels of Luke and Matthew, the Nativity story has inspired generations of artists.  Although the most familiar paintings of the birth of Christ depict the Nativity scene with shepherds and angels,  the oldest known representations tended to focus on the arrival of the magi. These paintings often showed the Virgin Mary in a throne-type chair, holding the infant Jesus whilst receiving the gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh. The 3 kings popularity has been postulated to represent antiquity and the importance of the Feast of Epiphany. Others have interpreted the magi’s appearance as a significant moment—when Christ was revealed to the Gentiles and his dual human and divine natures were recognised. The king's three gifts represent Christ's presumed roles - gold signifying him as King, frankincense (incense) as God and High priest, and myrrh representing him as a sacrificial human victim.

The Nativity

For an interesting talk on the history of the nativity in art, you might like to see this video from Gresham College and the Rt Hon Lord Richard Harries.