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Jubilee Cards For Priests & Nuns

With the largest selection of professionally designed cards on the internet, you will be sure to find all your cards for priests and nuns online. From Priest Golden Jubilee Cards to Diamond Jubilee for nuns, you will be able to source all your cards here.
Is your parish priest celebrating their Platinum Jubilee this year? Do you know of a religious sister celebrating her Feast Day very soon? We have cards for all nuns celebrations, including Ruby Anniversary of Religious Life Cards or Ruby Jubilee Cards and Profession of Faith Cards too. We also have extra large cards for multi-signing, which are always popular as Priest Retirement Cards.
cards for priests and nuns

Silver Jubilee Cards

This Jubilee is a 25th anniversary of religious life and we have a selection of both modern and traditional images for our Silver Jubilee Cards for priests and nuns. This calligraphic cross design is such a bright contemporary design and a lovely celebratory image for a priest celebrating their silver jubilee of ordination. This lovely photographic image of a sweet stocks bouquet will be well received by a religious sister and has a Scripture quote from 2 Corinthians 2:14 on the colour picture insert:

'God uses us to make the knowledge of Christ spread everywhere like a sweet fragrance.'
Silver Jubilee Cards

Symbolic Jubilee Cards

We have Jubilee Cards for priests and nuns celebrating their special anniversaries. The lovely Celtic cross on this Diamond Jubilee Card is a perfect  design to send, as are cross paintings and pictures of Jesus and Mary. Chalice images are reserved for priests and this beautiful Golden Jubilee card for a nun is ideal for a religious sister celebrating her 50th anniversary. This Ruby Jubilee of Ordination card features Jesus the Good Shepherd with a calligraphy scripture quote and a red envelope. Just perfect to celebrate your parish priests Jubilee.

jubilee cards for priests and nuns

Ruby Jubilee Cards

A Ruby Jubilee is a 40th anniversary of religious life and is such a special occasion to mark with a quality card. This beautiful Celtic cross design is just the perfect card for a nun's Ruby Jubilee, with red poppies woven into the design, in bright celebration of such a landmark anniversary. This calligraphy design features the verse from Matthew 28:19-20, and is the most appropriate Scripture quote for a Ruby Jubilee card for a priest, set off with a ruby red envelope.

The stained glass design is symbolic of a priest's ordination and this lovely Ruby Jubilee card for a priest is finished with a red and gold organza ribbon detail. All these cards have colour picture inserts too to make truly special cards to send in celebration.

Ruby Jubilee Cards

Golden Jubilee Cards

A Golden Jubilee is such a special landmark in the life of a priest or religious sister, celebrating 50 years of dedicated service and support. We have a varied selection like this Jesus Good Shepherd design with gold organza ribbon detail, a beautiful, quality Golden Jubilee card for a priest.

What about this bright bouquet of flowers in orange and golden yellows? With a Celtic cross design on the vase, this is such a bright, celebratory image if you are looking for a Golden Jubilee card for a catholic nun. And this cross and chalice calligraphy design is a joyous image for a Priest Golden Jubilee card. You will find Jubilee Cards for priests and nuns in all our Jubilee sections of our UK Christian Cards online store.

Golden Jubilee Cards

Diamond Jubilee Cards

60 years of religious service is such a wonderful anniversary in the life of a priest or nun. Such dedicated faith should be celebrated with a quality, special card and one befitting their loyal, selfless service. In this category we have cards to celebrate the anniversary of a priest's ordination and also cards for the anniversary of religious profession for nuns.

This Diamond Jubilee of Religious Profession card has a professional photographic image of hydrangeas, roses and sweet stocks. A beautiful card for a nun's Diamond Jubilee, set with blue, crystal rosary beads.

One of our new 'Joy of Life' designs is featured here with this Celtic cross design set on a watercolour grapevine border. Such beautiful colours and a card that is appropriate for celebrating a Diamond Jubilee for nuns and priests.

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Ruby Jubilee Cards

Anniversary Cards For Priests, Canons, Bishops.....

Priest Anniversary of Ordination Cards are sent each year and we have a large range featuring symbolic images, both modern and traditional. Is your parish priest celebrating soon? We have bright cards in cheery celebration or peaceful images of nature, like this serene coastal scene evoking quiet contemplation.

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ordination anniversary cards for priests

Celebrating The Jubilee of A Priest or Nun

golden jubilee mass st wilfrid's york
The Jubilee landmark of a priest or nun is always an occasion of thanksgiving and a celebration of their dedication to God, a journey of faith and selfless service that has touched the lives of so many by their love and support.

In the Catholic Church these special anniversaries are called 'Jubilees' and the Church of England prefer the term of 'Anniversary of Ordination'. The special landmarks celebrated are Pearl, Silver, Ruby, Golden, Diamond and Platinum. 

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, celebrated his Golden Jubilee in 2019 and said:

A jubilee is but a staging post, a moment to reflect on a journey thus far, to try to grasp its gifts, its lessons. It is also a time in which to take a glimpse of all that lies ahead. 

It is always such a lovely time for a congregation to join in with other church members to organise a special day that includes a celebratory mass, especially in smaller communities that have a large weekly mass gathering. Such communities often have such a close relationship with their parish priest and want to make it an extra special occasion to say thank you for their dedicated service and unfailing support when it was needed most.

Although there are many videoed celebrations of Jubilee masses this one is a personal favourite, which shows the unbelievable love and affection for a parish priest. Fr Pat Hennessy celebrated his 50th Jubilee Mass on 7th June 2019.  At St Columbkille's Church in Rutherglen, hundreds turned out for his Golden Jubilee Mass of 50 years dedicated service. 40 Clergy from all over Scotland were also in attendance along with family and friends.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations For A Well Loved Priest

Fr Pat Hennessy's 50th Jubilee Mass 7th June 2019 with Bishop Toal and Bishop Brian McGhee. Bishop Toal taught alongside Fr Pat at Blair's College and Bishop McGhee was taught by him at St Vincent's Langbank. A heartfelt celebration of a popular priest.