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Symbolic Religious Easter Cards

It is so nice to get a proper Easter card, full of Christian symbolism. Whether it's a stained glass image of the risen Christ or bright spring flowers denoting new life, an Easter Card should convey the true message of Easter.  Sometimes it's good to incorporate both images, like this glowing mosaic image of the Lord paired with the golden light of spring daffodils. A truly celebratory image of the Easter message.
Our most popular religious Easter cards feature professional photographic images, possibly because they have a modern feel to them. These Easter cards shown here, feature mountain crosses with sunlight cascading over the landscape, the new sunrise symbolic of the risen Lord.
religious easter cards resurrection images

Easter Cards For Priests

Easter is a most important time in the Church year and our Easter Cards for priests are always well received. From icons to renaissance art, you will find an assortment of cards to send to your parish priest, all with colour complementary envelopes. 

We also have a few Easter Cards for Bishop too, lovely cards with colour picture inserts to match the fronts of the card to make them look really special. And with first class dispatch you can be sure you will receive them quickly in time to send to the intended recipient. 

So, shop today in our secure UK store for all your Christian Easter cards for priests, family and friends.

easter cards for catholic priests

Same Day Dispatch

We send our cards out within 24 hours and most go out the same day if ordered before 1pm, always by first class post.

Remember to order early if sending cards abroad. These lovely floral cards are appropriate to send to those who live across the seas or those friends and family we have been able to see much over the last 12 months.

These 2 bright Thinking of You At Easter Cards are great to send to someone you don't get to see or speak to very often. Let them know you are thinking of them at such a special time of year and that they are still in your thoughts.

thinking of you at easter religious cards

Easter Cards With Meaningful Text

It has been an unprecedented time in the history of the world during the last 12 months. No-one has been left untouched in some way or other by the circumstances we have all had to endure and it is still not over. However, the  message of Easter can help us to find light in these dark times. 

Easter is a time of renewal, new life and hope. We have produced some new cards this year with text that acknowledges the difficulties of the last 12 months but  looking forward with hope to a better and brighter year.

he is risen easter religious cards tulips

Celebrating Easter 2021

It has been the most difficult last 12 months that any of us have ever had to deal with. From loss of work and earnings, to isolation, loneliness and ill health, the list of challenges has been endless. I am sure that none of us believed we would be celebrating another Easter back in lockdown and that our world difficulties would be so enduring. We have seen the best and the worst in people and nations and our prayers, at times, must have seemed to be unanswered. But we seem to be heading in the right direction and the message that Easter brings can strengthen our faith in these dark times and we can believe that better and brighter times are on the horizon. Our prayers have been answered and we can start to plan for our futures.

Some of our new Easter cards for priests read 'May the light of hope for a brighter year
fill our church with peace.'
The Church has always been a bright beacon in times of difficulty for many of us. At times we have not been able to visit our churches and get the comfort we need from our fellow worshippers and our parish priest. The day will come, when we can all celebrate together again, without social distancing, and offer each other a sign of peace, shaking hands in a communal spirit of faith, and once again enjoy our worship as we move forward with the bright light of hope.