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Religious Birthday Cards For All

Whether you are looking for cards for a good friend or a card for a priest, you will find special cards for every occasion in our secure UK Christian Cards online store. And with same day dispatch you can be assured of a fast delivery.
Does your sister love knitting? This 'Knitting Sheep' birthday card will be just perfect for her. One of our most popular designs for Christian Birthday Cards is I Said A Prayer quote, a lovely sentiment for a birthday and this fabulous boat design will be ideal for a male friend or relative who loves being on the water!
christian birthday cards designs

Cards For All Relations

You will find religious birthday cards for all family and friends in our online store. Brightly coloured floral designs are such cheerful Christian Birthday Cards for a mum and there are more to choose from too. From cute to coastal scenes and everything in between you are sure to find the card that is just perfect for the occasion.

This blue butterfly design is appropriate to send to both men and women, and many of our cards feature colour picture inserts to match the fronts, to make them feel extra special.

And with fast delivery you will have plenty of time to get them posted off to the intended recipient.

christian birthday cards for mum roses

Landmark Birthday Celebrations

Our Milestone Christian Birthday Cards have most ages covered. From cute  to floral, we hope you find a card that suits the person it is intended for.

This 40th Birthday surfing design would go down a treat for those men with a love of the sea; a modern image for an active, adventurous friend or relative who loves being outdoors.

This 70th Christian Birthday card has a small diamante detail on one of the flowers in the border, which adds just the right amount of sparkle for such a fabulous birthday celebration. There is also a diamante sparkle on the bow on this cute Christian 18th birthday card for a special young lady. 

christian 70th 80th 90th birthday cards

Priest Birthday Cards

We specialise in cards for the clergy and these birthday cards will be well received by your parish priest. From symbolic designs to warming sunrises , you will find a card to suit all in the Clergy Cards Section of our store.

Our Priest Birthday range are some of our best selling cards and have bright images of nature celebrating the glory of God's creation, like this coastal sunrise and watercolour pond design. This Country Chapel set in a cottage garden is a lovely design to send to both male and female priests, a warm, sunny image to celebrate their birthday perfectly.

priest birthday cards

I Believe For Every Drop of Rain That Falls.......

The lyrics from this well known song are truly inspiring and the Christian message is embedded within it. We have used different lines from it's verses for many of our cards, including get well and sympathy and they offer support, strength and hope.

These three lovely watercolour flowers in our Christian Birthday Cards category feature just one line around the edge, finished with a small floral cross: 'I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows.'

These bright cards have colour picture inserts to match the front of each card. With a small diamante detail in the centre of the floral cross to give a tiny sparkle, they truly are lovely cards to send to that special someone.

floral christian birthday cards

Cards With Christian Verses

Cards with verses on are always really popular. From Footprints Prayer to Psalm 23, verses can uplift in times of difficulty or bring support when things seem hopeless.

Christian Birthday Cards Said A Prayer quote is one of our best selling designs. This verse can be found on our Birthday, Thinking of You and Christian Get Well cards, with images to suit both male and female friends and relations. It is such a supportive verse especially for those who live alone and is a lovely sentiment to send to someone, especially in these difficult times, to let them know you are thinking of them and that they are often in your thoughts and prayers.

I said a prayer for you today quote cards

All Things Bright & Beautiful

Brightening up 2021 with a range of bold colours and patterns to express our 'Joy of Life'
priest ordination anniversary card design

We have added a new range to our current catalogue this year; colourful designs we have called 'Joy of Life Collection'. We need to celebrate life after the last 12 months and look forward with bright hope to better times ahead for all of us. Nature in the form of flora and fauna are two of the greatest gifts that God has given to us, sometimes bold, bright and beautiful at other times soft, pastel and peaceful. Different images of nature convey different meanings to each person.

The designs we produced for our religious Easter cards have gone down really well - customers have loved the vivid coloured flowers incorporated with bright crosses, so we are just finalising some more to add to our Christian Birthday Cards category. In the meantime, you can check out these 2 bright and cheerful cards below - such vivid, happy colours just brimming with bright celebration! Just the sort of cards to send to a good friend after those dark days of the last 12 months and put some colourful sparkle back in to their life!

Christian Birthday Cards For Friend

But it won't all be flowers, there will be something for the men too! Men can be notoriously difficult to design cards for, especially Christian cards. Once you have certain sports covered then it could be cars or bikes, mountains, coastal scenes or boats. We will have to try and think up some new ideas!

We try to design religious birthday cards for all ages and tastes and will soon be adding to this Joy of Life range with a collection for young children too. Children love bright colours and their enthusiasm for life is so joyful. 

You will also find some of this new range for our Priest Anniversary of Ordination cards and Priest Birthday Cards, colourful and symbolic and exuding bright joy - Joy of Life.