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We take most card payments and also Paypal in our secure UK Christian Cards store. The hosting company for our website uses Paypal as it's main payment method. Therefore, even if you pay by credit or debit card you will still receive a confirmation email from Paypal.

When you have finished shopping, go to 'OPEN BAG' which will then show you the items you have bought. Here you will also see a similar image to this. Click on the image of the card you wish to pay with eg. Visa, or Paypal if you prefer that method.
If you clicked on the Visa image, for example, then it will throw up this image here. So although you are not paying with Paypal, you check-out as a Paypal guest. At the end of the page it will ask if you would like to set up a Paypal account so just click on 'NO' and it will continue with your order.

If you are having any problems then please do not hesitate to get in touch: 07584 132 451 or email us at