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Priest Ordination Anniversary Cards

An Ordination to the Priesthood is one of the most important occasions a priest can celebrate. Their journey of faith is a life's work and their selfless ministry has touched our lives on so many occasions. They have been supportive in our times of difficulty and loss, and knowing their door is always open is always such a great comfort to many of us, especially the lonely and the vulnerable.

You priests will celebrate this occasion every year so why not buy them a card to show your appreciation of their dedicated service. You will find your perfect Priest Ordination Anniversary Cards within our secure online store. Here you will find traditional images, that you might prefer for an older priest, or bright, modern designs for those younger members of the clergy.

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We take most card payments and also Paypal in our secure UK Christian Cards store. The hosting company for our website uses Paypal as it's main payment method. Therefore, even if you pay by credit or debit card you will still receive a confirmation email from Paypal.

When you have finished shopping, go to 'OPEN BAG' which will then show you the items you have bought. Here you will also see a similar image to this. Click on the image of the card you wish to pay with eg. Visa, or Paypal if you prefer that method.

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If you clicked on the Visa image, for example, then it will throw up this image here. So although you are not paying with Paypal, you check-out as a Paypal guest. At the end of the page it will ask if you would like to set up a Paypal account so just click on 'NO' and it will continue with your order.

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Christian Cards For Young & Old

Is it just us, or are the years passing by quicker than ever! One minute you're celebrating your thirtieth birthday and before you know it your forty! Your dad always seemed to be an eternal fifty-something and then he's about to celebrate his 80th birthday. Your niece, who used to terrorise the cat when she was 8 is now about to hit the landmark 21st birthday - surely that can't be right! Sadly, we all know far too well how quickly the years fly by.

You will find most landmark Christian birthday cards in a separate section of our store, right up to the amazing 100th milestone. Now, that really is something worth celebrating. We have chosen images for both males and females, whether bright garden flowers or singing robins, and all have relevant Scripture quotes within them. All our landmark birthday cards have colour picture inserts to match the fronts, quality cards to mark such special occasions and some have discreet diamante embellishments on them too.

We also have some birthday cards suitable for children and will be adding to this range during the coming months as we head into summer.

Getting the balance right is important to us when it comes to designing cards for all Christian occasions. We try to cater for all ages and tastes, although we know that not everyone will love our cards, or find exactly what they are looking for. Take Christian sympathy cards, for example. People can be divided into two camps when it comes to preference. Some prefer something very simple and plain; a pure looking card with lots of white space on it, a card that is sombre and respectful of the passing of a loved on. Others like to send something a little brighter, or a lot brighter in some cases, something that captures their personality or celebrates their life, whether bright flowers or colourful butterflies. Butterflies are always popular on Christian Sympathy Cards.

All Christian occasions have different meanings to different people and that's why we have such a choice on offer. And that's not just in the design but in the card titles and text too. Christian Get Well cards aren't always going to be appropriate for those who aren't going to be getting better, as in the case with those coming to terms with terminal illness. We have quite a few cards where the wording is supportive of those going through difficult times and praying for the strength of the Lord to be with them.

If you can't find anything appropriate there then you might find something in our Christian Thinking of You cards section. Here you will find cards that don't mention the word 'illness' or 'recovery' but they can offer supportive sentiments for those going through all sorts of difficulties, and not just their health. And it is always welcome to know that people are thinking of you and that you are in their prayers. Terminal or serious illness can be such a lonely path to walk upon and often people feel out of their depth on what to say or how to support someone. That's where a card can help. Just a supportive text and Scripture quote can be just a nudge to say 'I'm here if you need me.'

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Priest Ordination Cards and More

We have the largest range of cards for priests on the UK Christian Cards market. Looking for a Feast Day Card for a special religious sister? Or perhaps you are looking for a symbolic Diamond Jubilee Card for your parish priest, to mark such a landmark celebration of his religious life?

This lovely Celtic cross image is also appropriate for a nun celebrating her special jubilee. We also have Celtic images for Golden Jubilee Cards, Ordination Anniversary Cards, New Canon Appointment Cards and Priest Thank You Cards to name just a few.

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