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Celebrating 25 Years Dedicated Service

There are many landmark anniversaries in the life of a priest or nun. The first major one is Silver, celebrating 25 years of dedicated service on their journey of faith. 

We have added some lovely new modern 25th Ordination Anniversary Cards, bright and symbolic and just perfect for a well loved priest. We also have more traditional images and most of our cards have colour picture inserts to add to their high quality. 

25th ordination anniversary cards symbolic

Symbolic Silver Jubilee Cards For Priests & Nuns

If you prefer cards with 'Jubilee' on, then we have many styles to choose from. For a priest or nun celebrating their Silver Jubilee then we are sure you will find exactly the card that you are looking for. This praying hands image, based on an Albrecht Durer painting, is always popular for both priests and nuns. Chalices and altar scenes are usually reserved for priest cards, like this professional photograph on a Silver Jubilee of Ordination Card.

This stained glass image of Jesus at the last supper has such beautiful azure blues; a bright but symbolic image for a Silver Jubilee Card for a priest celebrating 25 years of dedicated service.

Celtic cross images are always very popular and we have a lovely range in our secure UK Christian Cards store. These can be used for both priests and nuns and are some of our best selling Christian cards.

silver jubilee cards